Fall Jewelry Trends for 2016

adminAugust 19, 2016

Fall Jewelry Trends for 2016

The fall season is right around the corner, and the runways are already showing off the latest fall trends for 2016 in jewelry. The following will help you get ready in plenty of time for the season.

Pearls are back and they are dramatic. It’s not about the simple string of pearls around the neck this fall. It’s long multiple strings with some big and small beads. These pearls take center stage of an outfit.
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.51.52 PM

Beautiful precious stones are in this season. Many different stones strung together into a necklace give outfits an earthy tone.
Necklaces aren’t the only jewelry pieces with precious stones. Earrings are also being made out of them, and dangling ones is what’s in right now.
Precious stones in clear, blues, greens, and browns are perfect for the fall. So, if you’re looking to add to our jewelry collection, stick with those colors as you’re buying precious stones.
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Dusters have made a comeback. Large, flamboyant, bold and dangling is what you want for this fall. Don’t be afraid to go with different colors than what you’re wearing because that’s what’s in this season. The earrings should pop.
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 1.02.28 PM

Necklaces and other jewelry pieces that look like they were made at home are what’s in this fall. Many of the models are wearing pieces that seem to be made from leftover jewelry pieces held together with rings. If you’re envisioning a hodgepodge of jewelry, that’s exactly what it is, which means you can wear something that’s just as unique as you.
Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.58.43 PM

Earrings do not have to match, either. Feel free to wear two different ones that complement each other and the outfit.

The 90s are back in the way of Chokers. Some are delicate while others are extraordinary. Some are using charms while others are using precious stones as the centerpiece for the Choker. Thick and thin chokers are in, so choose what you feel looks best on you and with your outfit.
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Freyana has many pieces that are in line with the trends for the upcoming season. With many precious stones in all colors, we have what you need to step out into the fall season looking fabulous. Browse our website today to find the perfect accessories for fall 2016.

The Expression of Love with Precious Stones

adminAugust 2, 2016

The Expression of Love with Precious Stones


Are you looking for a way to show your girlfriend, fiancée, or wife how much you really do love her? If so, precious stones are perfect.

Precious stones are magical. They do more than tantalize the eyes; they spark emotions deep inside the admirer. There’s something about these stones that captivate the mind, body and soul. You can’t understand it until you take the time to experience it.

Each precious stone can elicit different feelings from those who wear it. Usually, people who choose darker colored precious stones feel much more passionate and in love. It grabs people by surprise because of the deepness of the color. There’s something gripping about the deep, dark color.

The lighter colored precious stones are much more whimsical. They are more fun loving and free. It’s perfect for relationships that are taking chances. When people gaze at lighter colored stones, they smile. They remember the care-free days of their love. It’s the feeling young lovers experience – puppy love. Don’t let that stop you from choosing the light colored precious stones, though. They can bring about the calmness of love that may have been lost over the years. It can renew a relationship.

Precious stones can help you express the love you have deep down inside. Browse our website for all of the beautiful designs and settings we have available. Allow your heart choose the perfect stone or stones. The heart never leads you astray.

Fun in the Sun with Freyana Jewelry

adminJuly 27, 2016

Fun in the Sun with Freyana Jewelry

The summer is in full swing! We hope you’ve been enjoying the summertime and all it has to offer.
At Freyana, we’ve been pretty excited over the inventory we have for the summer. They are perfect for every summer activity – from the office to the beach.

The following are some of our favorite ones:


This delicate yet intrinsic droplet pendant has just the right balance of gold and silver with natural neon blue apatite. It’s set in sterling silver, it’s gold plated and finished in rhodium. It will look great with a summer dress or with your favorite two piece.


Nothing is better than this for a day or night on the yacht. The Mariner’s Pendant come with Larimar and Blue Topaz. The twisted rope design is perfect for the seas. It looks great hanging around your neck with a simple, but elegant cocktail or evening dress.


This is the perfect bracelet for the summertime. Beautiful amethysts with bamboo cuff makes you feel as though you’re walking through the gardens on a warm summer day. It looks lovely with just about any outfit including jeans and t-shirt and skirt and blouse.


These beautiful earrings are a triple stone tourmaline. They make a statement, but in a very delicate, elegant way. Perfect for going from the office to date night. It complements just about everything in most women’s wardrobes.

Freyana specializes in high quality precious stone jewelry. If you’re looking for earrings, bracelet, pendant, or necklace for yourself or someone special, Freyana has what you need. Browse our collection now for the best in summertime jewelry.

The Meaning Behind the August Birthstone


The Meaning Behind the August Birthstone

August is a special month; it has claimed two birthstones! The Peridot and Spinel work together to empower and influence everyone who wears them. Anyone born in this month loves wearing both the lime green and ruby red birthstones because of how well they complement one another.

About Birthstones
Birthstones are colorful gemstones. In ancient times, gemstones were believed to possess magical powers. People often carried them around for luck, health, and wealth. This tradition has carried on to the present day, but they are not referred to as birthstones.

While back in the day, people simply carried around colors and attached the significance of each color to a power, the American Gem Society decided to give each color a name. The society also decided to pick birthstones for each month.

With so many gemstones in different colors, August ended up with two. People born in this month who wear the two birthstones (Peridot and Spinel) receive power, influence, protection, and happiness. The Peridot is what empowers and guides people, while the Spinel keeps people from harm and sadness away.


It’s possible to wear these beautiful gemstones by themselves or together. You can find the Peridot and Spinel in a large range of colors making it possible to ensure the two gemstones complement each other in a beautiful piece of jewelry. The Peridot can be yellowish, brown, bright lime, or olive green. The Spinel can be orange, pink, purple or red. Many of the Spinel gemstones can take on different colors when the light hits it from various directions.


The Power and Protection of August Birthstones

Freyana features the August birthstones in its collection. You will find many pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets adorned with the beauty of the Peridot and Spinel gemstones. It’s also possible to create a unique piece of jewelry with gemstones you choose including the August birthstones. Browse our collection of exquisite jewelry today.

Natural vs. Synthetic Gemstones: It’s All About the Energy

adminJune 30, 2016

Natural vs. Synthetic Gemstones: It’s All About the Energy


Here at FREYANA, we are often asked about the difference between natural and synthetic stones. Natural gemstones (the kind used in every FREYANA piece without exception) have spent millions of years forming in rocks deep in the earth. These gems are intrinsically valuable because they have taken lifetimes to create, and their supply is limited. Every quality of a natural gem, from the richness of its color to its tiniest inclusions (or lack thereof), tells a unique story of the temperature, pressure, minerals and other properties of its mother-rock, and no two such stories are exactly alike.

By contrast, artificial stones are manufactured chemically in laboratories, allowing for quick mass production. Their supply is infinite, and their intrinsic value limited. And while synthetic stones do a fair job mimicking the outwardly properties of natural gemstones, they cannot recreate the energy in a natural gemstone.

Natural gemstones have spent their lifetime soaking up the earth’s vibrations, and as a result are commonly believed to hold a certain energy. Indeed, the notion of a “birthstone” is based on the idea that a gemstone’s unique vibrations can be used to help attract or repel certain energies from certain individuals.

But even gemstones beyond the well known birthstones have such powers.

For instance, gemstones in the quartz family help individuals amplify their intentions. In other words, wear a quartz and the energy you put out into the world will return to you tenfold. Amethysts, which fall within this family, are particularly powerful for those seeking protection. Similarly, pyrite helps individuals remain focused and on the correct path towards positive things in your life. In fact, many believe that pyrite can take neutral energy and transform it into positive energy. Gemstones can even be used in combinations – for instance, combining citrine, smoky quartz and rose quartz can help guard your mind, body and heart.

So the next time you purchase a gorgeous piece, consider the energy you want to manifest into the world and let it guide your selection. Or combine gemstones as fillers in our signature filigreed lockets in order to express your own unique intentions, and keep them close to your heart.

What’s in your heart?

Filigree Beloved Locket by Freyana

adminMarch 30, 2016

Filigree Beloved Locket by Freyana


Love is a union of two people who intertwine their lives to create one life. We believe that is what our filigree Beloved locket symbolizes.

The delicate and intricate ornamental twisting of gold in our Beloved locket brings to mind the beauty of love. In a heart shaped design, your loved one will enjoy wearing it as a symbol of the everlasting admiration you share.

The twists, swirls, and turns in the filigree locket can be seen as embraces between two lovers. With all of the embraces, magic occurs – a complex and beautiful heart. This is much like how real love comes about between two people.

Black and White – Freyana Cuff Bracelet

adminMarch 29, 2016

Black and White – Freyana Cuff Bracelet


Sophistication and style come together in this playful Freyana cuff bracelet from the Queen of Hearts collection. Black and white gemstones, such as moonstone, black onyx and crystal quartz have unique gemstone meaning while the design elements make this chic piece the perfect accessory for daytime or evening attire. Black onyx is thought to help release negative emotions and increase self confidence while crystal quartz is commonly used for its healing properties. The gemstones in this cuff bracelet are sourced from around the world. These moonstones, with their distinctive blue flash, are generally found in Sri Lanka. The crystal quartz is known to have its origins high in the Swiss Alps and was thought to be snow that never melted! One unique design element that ties these beautiful gemstones together is the reverse set of the stones so the the tapered side of the stone is on the top. This stone placement gives the gemstones a three dimensional look. We hope you will wear this black and white cuff bracelet with everything!

The Maharaja Ring – Freyana Royal Vintage Jewelry

adminJanuary 29, 2016

The Maharaja Ring – Freyana Royal Vintage Jewelry


When we think of vintage gemstone jewelry, we are often inspired by the Mogul Emperors who ruled the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. Paintings from that era show royalty dressed in regalia studded with gemstones, such as moonstone, citrine and peridot. The Freyana Maharaja Ring is inspired by the ornate wardrobe and the vivid palate of colors represented in the art and architecture of the old world. Moonstone was picked for for the Maharaja Ring for its beauty and gemstone meaning. Ancient royalty often held moonstones to balance their emotions and to bring a sense of calm while making important decisions. Today we can only imagine the political intrigue of the royal courtrooms and the lavishness of their lifestyle, but we can appreciate the modern day beauty of the moonstone. Let the Maharaja Ring bring a touch of vintage royalty and a sense of balance to your life.