Fall Jewelry Trends for 2016

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Fall Jewelry Trends for 2016

The fall season is right around the corner, and the runways are already showing off the latest fall trends for 2016 in jewelry. The following will help you get ready in plenty of time for the season.

Pearls are back and they are dramatic. It’s not about the simple string of pearls around the neck this fall. It’s long multiple strings with some big and small beads. These pearls take center stage of an outfit.
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Beautiful precious stones are in this season. Many different stones strung together into a necklace give outfits an earthy tone.
Necklaces aren’t the only jewelry pieces with precious stones. Earrings are also being made out of them, and dangling ones is what’s in right now.
Precious stones in clear, blues, greens, and browns are perfect for the fall. So, if you’re looking to add to our jewelry collection, stick with those colors as you’re buying precious stones.
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Dusters have made a comeback. Large, flamboyant, bold and dangling is what you want for this fall. Don’t be afraid to go with different colors than what you’re wearing because that’s what’s in this season. The earrings should pop.
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Necklaces and other jewelry pieces that look like they were made at home are what’s in this fall. Many of the models are wearing pieces that seem to be made from leftover jewelry pieces held together with rings. If you’re envisioning a hodgepodge of jewelry, that’s exactly what it is, which means you can wear something that’s just as unique as you.
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Earrings do not have to match, either. Feel free to wear two different ones that complement each other and the outfit.

The 90s are back in the way of Chokers. Some are delicate while others are extraordinary. Some are using charms while others are using precious stones as the centerpiece for the Choker. Thick and thin chokers are in, so choose what you feel looks best on you and with your outfit.
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Freyana has many pieces that are in line with the trends for the upcoming season. With many precious stones in all colors, we have what you need to step out into the fall season looking fabulous. Browse our website today to find the perfect accessories for fall 2016.

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