Natural vs. Synthetic Gemstones: It’s All About the Energy

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Natural vs. Synthetic Gemstones: It’s All About the Energy


Here at FREYANA, we are often asked about the difference between natural and synthetic stones. Natural gemstones (the kind used in every FREYANA piece without exception) have spent millions of years forming in rocks deep in the earth. These gems are intrinsically valuable because they have taken lifetimes to create, and their supply is limited. Every quality of a natural gem, from the richness of its color to its tiniest inclusions (or lack thereof), tells a unique story of the temperature, pressure, minerals and other properties of its mother-rock, and no two such stories are exactly alike.

By contrast, artificial stones are manufactured chemically in laboratories, allowing for quick mass production. Their supply is infinite, and their intrinsic value limited. And while synthetic stones do a fair job mimicking the outwardly properties of natural gemstones, they cannot recreate the energy in a natural gemstone.

Natural gemstones have spent their lifetime soaking up the earth’s vibrations, and as a result are commonly believed to hold a certain energy. Indeed, the notion of a “birthstone” is based on the idea that a gemstone’s unique vibrations can be used to help attract or repel certain energies from certain individuals.

But even gemstones beyond the well known birthstones have such powers.

For instance, gemstones in the quartz family help individuals amplify their intentions. In other words, wear a quartz and the energy you put out into the world will return to you tenfold. Amethysts, which fall within this family, are particularly powerful for those seeking protection. Similarly, pyrite helps individuals remain focused and on the correct path towards positive things in your life. In fact, many believe that pyrite can take neutral energy and transform it into positive energy. Gemstones can even be used in combinations – for instance, combining citrine, smoky quartz and rose quartz can help guard your mind, body and heart.

So the next time you purchase a gorgeous piece, consider the energy you want to manifest into the world and let it guide your selection. Or combine gemstones as fillers in our signature filigreed lockets in order to express your own unique intentions, and keep them close to your heart.

What’s in your heart?

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