The Maharaja Ring – Freyana Royal Vintage Jewelry

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The Maharaja Ring – Freyana Royal Vintage Jewelry


When we think of vintage gemstone jewelry, we are often inspired by the Mogul Emperors who ruled the Indian subcontinent for hundreds of years. Paintings from that era show royalty dressed in regalia studded with gemstones, such as moonstone, citrine and peridot. The Freyana Maharaja Ring is inspired by the ornate wardrobe and the vivid palate of colors represented in the art and architecture of the old world. Moonstone was picked for for the Maharaja Ring for its beauty and gemstone meaning. Ancient royalty often held moonstones to balance their emotions and to bring a sense of calm while making important decisions. Today we can only imagine the political intrigue of the royal courtrooms and the lavishness of their lifestyle, but we can appreciate the modern day beauty of the moonstone. Let the Maharaja Ring bring a touch of vintage royalty and a sense of balance to your life.

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