The Meaning Behind the August Birthstone

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The Meaning Behind the August Birthstone

August is a special month; it has claimed two birthstones! The Peridot and Spinel work together to empower and influence everyone who wears them. Anyone born in this month loves wearing both the lime green and ruby red birthstones because of how well they complement one another.

About Birthstones
Birthstones are colorful gemstones. In ancient times, gemstones were believed to possess magical powers. People often carried them around for luck, health, and wealth. This tradition has carried on to the present day, but they are not referred to as birthstones.

While back in the day, people simply carried around colors and attached the significance of each color to a power, the American Gem Society decided to give each color a name. The society also decided to pick birthstones for each month.

With so many gemstones in different colors, August ended up with two. People born in this month who wear the two birthstones (Peridot and Spinel) receive power, influence, protection, and happiness. The Peridot is what empowers and guides people, while the Spinel keeps people from harm and sadness away.


It’s possible to wear these beautiful gemstones by themselves or together. You can find the Peridot and Spinel in a large range of colors making it possible to ensure the two gemstones complement each other in a beautiful piece of jewelry. The Peridot can be yellowish, brown, bright lime, or olive green. The Spinel can be orange, pink, purple or red. Many of the Spinel gemstones can take on different colors when the light hits it from various directions.


The Power and Protection of August Birthstones

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